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Seeing Significance: God’s Commands

“God’s commands are given for two good purposes: to protect us from the destructiveness of sin and to direct us into a life of joy and fruitfulness. We have a wrong perspective if we only view God’s commands as restrictions in our lives. Instead, we must realize that His commands are guidelines, given so that we might enjoy life to the fullest.”

I’ll be honest and say that I used to read Psalm 119 and think that the person or persons writing it sounded like a giant suck-up.

I shall delight in Your commandments,
Which I love.
And I shall lift up my hands to Your commandments,
Which I love;
And I will meditate on Your statutes. –Psalm 119:47-48

A few weeks ago though, I was pulling into my driveway after a time of prayer and I very sincerely was telling God, “I love your commandments.”

Why? For these very reasons. I see the benefit of His parameters and know it’s His love and grace that leads me on this path. Without His love, relationship, and following His commands and heart–I would be sunk, bound up, and headed for disaster.

Do you have trouble believing God’s commands are beneficial or do you see them as restrictions? Why or why not?

I am currently rereading The Search for Significance by Robert McGee (disclosure). It’s an incredible book about “seeing your true worth through God’s eyes.” I have written several posts previously if you’d like to check them out, but it’s just a quote of a sentence or two and a simple discussion.

I hope you’ll share your thoughts and experiences!


  1. When I think of God’s commandments, I always think of 1 John 5:1-5. Paraphrased, it says if you love me, you will follow my commandments, and my commandments are made easy because of love.

    If we love Him, we will love following Him.

    I have come to accept that while sometimes His commands seem confining, they are issued with my best interests in mind. He is my loving parent. He leads me home.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..Peace Was Not Brought to EarthMy Profile

    • And I find it amazing too that He pours out the love for us to love Him back in the first place. We love because He first loved us! Things may seem confining to us at a certain moment, but there is joy when we look back and see what we were spared. Thanks Dusty.

  2. Seeing God in His omnipotence is impossible for now, but we do see a little more clearly as we get older I think… Glad I’m beginning to!

    • I agree. When I was a teenager (hormones raging, of course), I wondered why I had to follow these rules and if there was any reason to it. From my little bit better vantage point now, I can see so much better than I did and I know it’ll increase as long as I walk with Him. It’s a good life He calls us to--in every sense of “good.” Thanks Floyd.

  3. I always just saw God’s commands as instructions. He shares with us the way we should live that produces happiness and eternal life. He is certainly a wise and loving Father.

    • Good point. If you want the best results, you follow the instructions. It’s much easier that way! Thanks Mike. That’s really good.

  4. I truly believe everything good in our society come’s from Biblical teachings- even if people don’t recognize the Bible.
    It teaches us to not steal, kill, commit adultery. It teaches us to respect our elders, to turn the other cheek and to have charity towards those less fortunate.
    Many don’t believe in the Bible, and yet they live by these standards. How much better is it for believers?
    It’s amazing to know our God is so good, He is so loving and so wise!

    • I agree. It’s incredible to think about His impact on our lives in the ‘littlest’ of ways. His word rightfully permeates so much of our lives and we are always better for it. Thank you, TC.

  5. Following God’s commandments is truly liberating. Human nature is to think having any kind of restrictions placed upon us would be the opposite of that statement. It is true that it’s the times that I follow His commands and continue building on the relationship with Him that I have the most fulfillment in my life. Thanks Jason!
    Philip recently posted..Providence (Not just a town in Rhode Island)My Profile

    • I like what Mike said too (above) that they are instructions, not just restrictions. So if we follow the instructions we’ll have a life like a beautiful media cabinet instead of one that wobbles and the doors won’t stay closed. It’s a work-in-progress analogy. 🙂 Thanks Philip.


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