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Speaking Peace to Fear

Peace is something everybody wants, but it seems so elusive and mysterious. We often think that with the right circumstances and right environment, we can have peace, but we find out it doesn’t work that way.

These are times of great uncertainty with various forms of devastation, pressures on every side, and fears about the future abounding. The world, more than ever, is looking for peace and many are having a much harder time finding it.

It would be nice if Christians didn’t have to worry, but it’s not the case. We live in the same world with everyone else and the same realities. People get laid off, new diseases arise, retirement accounts are demolished–you can get so bombarded by the pressures of life that we forget our faith (and forget we were never really in control in the first place).

Jesus told His disciples about all the horrible things that will happen to Him and the devastation it will bring to them. He knew in the midst of the disappointment, confusion, and heartache that they would feel hopeless and despair so in John 14:27, He told them this,

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

He didn’t promise an easy life with no pain or hardship, but He did promise peace. It’s a peace completely different than the world’s fickle version. The world grants peace based on economic status, perceived significance, fame, or any other factor, but there’s nothing eternal to it. All those things can and very often, do change–sometimes at a moment’s notice.

God doesn’t cause hardships and difficulties–He doesn’t have to–the fallen world and people who make choices create all sorts of natural consequences and difficulties. God can, however, use those things to wake you up and push you into a better position.

We have an opportunity to live and share the peace, but do we see this as our mission? Sometimes we don’t see this as our priority. Someone else will do it, right? But no politician or leader, no one can bring eternal, lasting peace but Jesus.

We need a peace that passes all understanding because our understanding evaluates circumstances with our natural eyes leading us to fear and retreat. Instead of fear, we need to embrace our position as Christ followers and do what He did.

When the storm raged on the sea in Mark 4, the disciples went nuts (just like we’re prone to do) and begged Jesus to do something. “Don’t you care?” they asked. He got up and spoke to the wind and waves, “Peace! Be still!”

Then he said, “Why are you so afraid? Don’t you have faith yet?”

I believe now is the time for each of us to rise up and speak peace to the fear in our culture. We have a platform like we haven’t in a long while. People are scared. People are desperate. People are in real need.

They don’t need our criticism or our hiding. They need our hands, our heart, and the voice of authority that says, “Peace! Be still!”

Do you have things in your life you need to speak eternal peace to? Do you know others that need peace spoken to them? Do you see this time as an opportunity?


  1. Awesome message! My family is almost done with the process of adopting and fostering. There is a little boy we are wanting to adopt and we feel he is meant to be with us. But I know we will need peace if he doesn’t live with us. Please speak peace over my family! The more people praying the better! God bless!

    • Definitely know how that situation feels, Jaylynn. Speaking peace with you guys. God watches over His word to fulfill it. Blessings to you too and thank you!

  2. When troubles surround me, I always think of what Jesus said in John 14:27 that you quoted here, Jason. He is the true peace and peacemaker in our lives.
    And yes, these are turbulent and frightening times. We all need to know the peace in our hearts that only Jesus can give to us.

    • Life certainly doesn’t take it easy on us, right? Storms come. Trials linger, but we are never out of range of His peace and grace. Good thoughts, Martha! Thank you.

  3. Jason I enjoyed reading today’s message “Speaking Peace to Fear”. I believe every Christian has a specific message that, more or less, defines who they are as a believer. If and when we discover this message we can more effectively deliver it with passion and power. It is so obvious that your message is peace! Restoration, reconciliation, hope and joy accompany this word “peace” each time you share it. Thank you!

    • Amen. Thank you, Daymond! I do believe it. We don’t always like the process, of course, but His restoration is being perfected in us. Thanks so much! 🙂

  4. I am comforted by the fact that God is not threatened by my inability to be at peace at all times. His Word brings peace beyong my comprehension!

    “And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

    Thanks Brother!

    • Exactly! And because He gives us a word like this, we can trust that it’s true even if we don’t feel it at the moment. Thank you, Jay!

  5. Excellent reminder about what true peace is and Where it comes from. We let our senses rule our lives when in the end it has little to do with it. We have the power to choose, it’s the amazing gift of free will, the thing that makes us in the image of our Creator.

    Good reminder.

    • So true. That “choice” thing can be a beautiful gift or a terrible curse depending on how we use it. Phew! We keep learning and growing and changing as we encourage one another. Thank you, Floyd.

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