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Why Donate?

Connecting to Impact is all about community and real conversations about life and faith. Since the fall of 2008, it’s been a pleasure to be an encouraging voice to the body of Christ in love. On the flip side,  I have worked very hard in many different ways to get this message out because I feel it’s important.

I thoroughly enjoy blogging and learning new ways to do it better while also promoting and living community (whether online or in “real life”). I had tried to monetize this site through sponsorships, but ultimately, I think it was just too complicated. That’s why I am now just simply taking donations. If you are blessed and encouraged by this site once or on a regular basis, I would appreciate your prayers and any financial support.

God has been moving me out of my full-time job to be able to focus on ministry and our church plant in Juneau, Alaska. It’s a leap of faith, but He continually amazes me with His provision and how He moves on people’s hearts to partner with and give toward this.

Why I would love for you to donate…

You want to support a missionary/church planter. Missionaries don’t just go to Africa and South America. Alaska is a diverse mission field that can be very difficult at times. I am the lead pastor of Breakthrough Church in Juneau, AK and I also travel in ministry as I’m able. Your donation helps me focus on being a missionary, a church planter, and pastor.

One-time or Monthly Donations

There is no minimum or maximum requirement. There is no compulsion to give whatsoever, but I appreciate those who feel the impulse and help out–it’s humbling and such a blessing! That you would see this is a good soil to sow into means so much to me.

For one-time gifts, you can use the  button in the sidebar to the right.

If you would like to do a monthly contribution, you can…

    • use the button below with easy options if one of these fits (please note: a PayPal account is not a requirement)
    • for a smaller or larger recurring amount or
    • use this form specifically for support questions.

Thank you so much for your support in every way!

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