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So you’re new to Connecting to Impact and not sure what it’s all about? I would love to get you better acquainted and get to know you as well!

I’m not interested in having the biggest blog in town, but I would love to have a multiplicity of voices and thoughts. Every experience, every opinion, every feeling–it’s all welcome here for discussion. People from different denominational, geographical, and cultural backgrounds come together here. We may not always agree, but everyone is respected and I will do my best to maintain that.

I usually post 6-7 times a week with regular weekday posts and one or two on the weekends. It’s a mixture of regular features and themes along with whatever else is going on in my mind and heart at the moment. Without further adieu, here are a few examples of the conversations (and fun) we’ve been having here.

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Thanks so much and can’t wait to have you share your thoughts and life!
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