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The Art of Adapting

This week I am honored to participate in a summit of worship leaders in Austin, TX followed by a worship conference. I’m beyond excited for the opportunity for connection with other leaders as well as soaking in the presence of God. Immediately following, my family is meeting me for some vacation days (which hasn’t exactly happened in a few years so we’re certainly looking forward to it).

Since I leave early this morning and busyness has been as omnipresent as sweat in our humid climate, I thought I’d look into the distant past for a post. When I did, I read this from 2009 from my wife, Andrea, and felt it completely fits for this season of life.

She’s definitely a planner (feels like the understatement of the century), but she sees the value in whatever season God prepares (another reason I love her so much). Enjoy!

Once in an interview the team asked me “how do you feel about change.” I paused and pondered this, debating whether to answer honestly or not. But being the upfront woman I am, I wouldn’t shy away from the truth and how I felt, but since I did want to be employed, I carefully crafted my answer.

“I understand that change is the only given that we have and that we must embrace the change to grow and move forward, but adapting to the change is not what I would consider a personal strength as I prefer routine where I can use my strong organizational skills because I am a very avid planner.”

I must have been close enough to the right answer because they hired me, but I have often contemplated this question regarding feelings toward change.

This week my student internship came to an end. Honestly, this year has been one of the craziest of my life. I liken it to rock climbing. It’s like climbing a cliff, hanging on for dear life, and crying a whole lot. Yeah, rough year.

It was mostly just a lot to balance—school, classes, family, friends, church, teaching, and trying to have some sort of me time. Back to the point: this change of leaving is hard. I want to hold on and hang out even though it feels like being suspended from a high, dangerous cliff.

It’s then that I stopped to think, “maybe change isn’t that bad and really, we long for it but we are afraid to let go of what we know even if it’s been hard and sucking the life out of us.”

And maybe we long for the change to remind us that we are still capable of adventure. With each closed door comes a new open one. It’s just that in-between time, one door closed and the other is not open yet, that can scare you to death!

So what I am rambling on about? Change: get used to it, and maybe even embrace it.

It is part of life. No matter where you go or what you do, change happens. And while not all change is positive, God works all things for our good and that is one thing I will cling to dearly.

It is all working together to make you who God wants you to be and those changes you experience make you a better, stronger person.

It’s ok to let go. Go ahead and embrace the change because you know you can trust the God who’s more than enough.

How would you answer an interview question about change? What kind of emotions does the word change spark in you? What helps you to let go and trust?


  1. A lot of wisdom here. Since we can’t stop change and it’s inevitable, to try to embrace it with the wisdom from God and use it for His glory, seems like a no brainer!

    But we’re human after all…

  2. Though I rarely embrace change with open arms, I’ve realized that it is inevitable. I’ve learned to be flexible and go with the flow, trusting that God is large and in charge.

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