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The Lord Is Come

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m in the Christmas spirit. As I sat down to write, I kept these words kept going through my mind: “nor thorns infest the ground.”

I knew it was from a hymn, but couldn’t remember which one so I looked it up and it’s “Joy to the World” (known as a Christmas carol). This song is so much more powerful than just one season though. We get to rejoice in the incarnation of Christ and what it purchased for us any time.

Here’s the simple verse with a powerful revelation.

“No more let sins and sorrows grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground.
He comes to make his blessings flow
far as the curse is found.”

Those are powerful words. Sins and sorrows can no longer increase because He lived and died and lives again. Our root of defiance and disobedience that released futility in our work and lives–the thorns that infest the ground can no longer grow.

Why? Because He comes. He didn’t come (past tense) and He won’t just come (future tense). He comes to make His blessings flow, and as He does, He eradicates the curse, which is the binding up of our hearts, minds, and souls by sin and the systems and thinking of this world.

We still get the choice because He loves us and wants us to show love in return.

God has never been indifferent to humankind’s root defiance of him and root disobedience to him and root ingratitude… a posture wherein our “know-it-all” smirk casts aspersions on his goodness, on the goodness of his promise to us and his claim upon us. His claim upon us is rooted in his promise to us; his promise to us is rooted in his own heart. Heart and promise and claim are one in wanting only to bless us.   –Victory Shepherd, December 1997 (emphasis mine)

I’ve been one for the smirk, but it just drives me away from my curse-breaker, my thorn-remover. When I remember that His claim on me is not about control or manipulation, that it’s about the fulfillment of His promise, my heart leaps and I rightly rejoice. His entire being is poised and positioned to bless, which is why He calls us to live the same way. He doesn’t have to pronounce judgment on us, all He does is allow us to go our own way and the absence of Him is the absence of blessings.

Yes, joy to the world. He is come and He comes–through you and through me. We get to experience some pretty exciting stuff.

His blessings are flowing. How are you seeing Him work today?


  1. Fa la la la la… la la.. la la!

    He is ‘poised to bless’ if we will just follow Him.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..Let Us Be Truthful and Walk in His WaysMy Profile

    • Ha! Yes, He is. Thank you, Dusty. 🙂

  2. I have a confession; I listen to “Christmas” songs all the time. The fulfilled promise of a Savior is not be reserved for one day, and there are powerful truths in all of these carols. Thanks for sharing this one this morning. I had forgotten about this particular portion of the hymn, and it certainly is a powerful truth and promise. There is not a place far enough that the curse can reach that already hasn’t already been covered by the blessing He brought to earth with Him.
    Philip recently posted..RuninsMy Profile

    • Someone call the police, we have a confession. 🙂 I am amazed how certain things stand out at different times. The Holy Spirit searches the recesses of my brain so much better than I can! Thanks Philip.

  3. Such a mighty post! Our God is about our good, that we forget all the blessings is unfortunate.

    I don’t want to live among the thorns, I want to walk in the beautiful garden with Him.
    TC Avey recently posted.."The Cost of Discipleship" Ch. 1My Profile

    • Especially when there is no reason to live among those thorns. He is exceedingly good. Thanks so much, TC.

  4. I seek God daily in prayer, but I also have to admit that the daily reading of posts like this also draw me to Him. You are being used by the Holy Spirit for His purpose. The fellowship, even long distance, has a profound impact. Thanks Jason.
    floyd recently posted..DO ROCKS LIE?My Profile

    • I completely agree. As Paul said, we all know in part and prophesy in part--we each have different gifts and the ability to see things in different ways. Receiving from those gifts is to our benefit because no one has it all. The Word comes first, but community is so important. Thank you, Floyd. I appreciate the encouragement you are to me here and through your writing too. You bless me!

  5. My life is so full of blessing it must be Christmas! Well, it must be Christ and the the fact that He comes everyday with blessings for His own. Today, it’s the blessing of hope that I feel deep in my soul!

    Thanks Brother…Merry Christmas in June!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..The Face of LoveMy Profile

    • Ha! Yeah, I don’t direct the Holy Spirit. I just do my best to let Him direct me! You’re so right about those blessings--just amazing. Thanks Jay.

  6. Everyday as a Christian should be like Christmas. The wonders of his love brings blessings that can make us sing, When we follow his commands he gives us gifts of joy.


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