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The Madness of Divine Peace

So the church throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria enjoyed peace, being built up; and going on in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it continued to increase. –Acts 9:31

Like many words of deep importance, peace has been summarily and systematically stripped of its power and purpose as defined in God’s word. It has come to mean little more than “the absence of conflict” in most circles, but that’s not what divine peace is all about.

His peace, His Shalom, is a bridge across the gap (Jesus made peace for us through His blood). It restores hope and strength. It encourages and builds up in the face of brokenness and turmoil. It is resurrection among the sting of death.

I was reading the verse I mentioned above the other morning and it hit me again: His peace is powerful. To the world it looks insane at worst and naïve at best, but those who know Him, know His peace lays the foundation for a greater work.

As the church enjoyed peace, they were being persecuted and killed. There were people desperate to stop them at all costs. Paul, who had recently been converted and began preaching the Gospel, was nearly killed because the people he was speaking with disagreed.

In essence, peace is vigorously producing and accomplishing Kingdom purposes. 

You don’t have to be healthy to enjoy peace. You don’t have to have the biggest house on the block either. You don’t have to have a million dollars in the bank. You don’t have to see every nation lays down their weapons and plant daisies.

If you wait for all that to have peace, it won’t satisfy and it won’t last. There are plenty of new diseases, people with more money to spend on housing, economic crashes, and true madmen waiting to seize power.  The only way all those beauty queens are going to see “world peace” is to see every nation submerged in the blood of Jesus and entered into divine covenant relationship with the Father.

I love too that not only did the early church enjoy their peace that built them up, but it propelled them forward into reverent awe and the fear of the Lord, into the comfort of the Holy Spirit. And beyond that, they increased.

Real peace promotes that increase internally and personally as well as externally and corporately.  It may not make sense to the human mind and understanding, but the truth is never bound to our slim abilities to comprehend. All we do is receive.

Have you known the madness of divine peace? What has it meant in your life?

This post is included as part of the One Word blog carnival hosted by Peter Pollock where this time the topic is Madness. Head on over to read all the posts there.


  1. Literally just heard the following phrase in a song. “If I live the life I’ve been given, then I won’t be scared to die.” I feel that it’s a very profound statement and one that works with your example and the verse above. The early church knew that at any moment that they could be killed for what they were preaching, but they had the peace in knowing that if they were truly walking out the life that they had been given then there was no reason to fear the result of what others might do to them. Another great post.

    • Yeah! Thanks Philip.

  2. “His peace is powerful.” (Emphasis mine)

    I have known His divine peace in the midst of turmoil… but I have also failed to grasp it at times…

    It is always there. It is always divine. It is always powerful.
    It requires our focus and trust to be unwaveringly anchored in Him.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..Love Is… RevealingMy Profile

    • Amazing how we can forget our resources sometimes (even though we have experienced them in the past). I’m definitely with you on that one, Dusty. Thank you.

  3. I can’t find your email button! I want to email this to someone, and I can’t find the button to do it. Surrender your email button, or I copy and paste this into an email on my own. (Not that I want to try to steal your peace or anything.. :-b )

    When my Mom died, I knew I’d see her again, and that brought me some peace. But the enemy somehow knew another way in… I was bombarded with thoughts about how I could have done better for her while she was alive almost immediately. It took a lot of prayer before I finally heard His voice instead say “Of course you’re not perfect, Helen. That’s why I sent my Son down there!” and was able to let it go. (Most of the time, anyway…)

    As usual, I may have just gone on a tangent. 🙂
    Helen recently posted..Madness is…My Profile

    • Tangent or not, I’m just glad to ‘see you face’ again, Helen. 🙂 You’re very right. The enemy tries every way he can to get us to choose something else besides His peace, but we can listen to His voice and follow Him into the rest He has for us. Thanks so much. And if you need to copy & paste this--no worries. 🙂

      • Thanks Jason. It finally occurred to me that I COULD just email the link. Internet Genius is never something I’ve been accused of being (accept by elderly relatives who don’t know how to use Google…).
        Helen recently posted..Madness is…My Profile

        • There’s always someone to make us feel better about ourselves, right? 🙂 Thanks Helen!

  4. “In essence, peace is vigorously producing and accomplishing Kingdom purposes.”

    Amen to that bro’! Peace is an active force and reproduces His life through us.
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..The Least I Could Do -- RepostMy Profile

    • I don’t believe we can overestimate or over-esteem His life-changing peace. Thanks so much, Jay.

  5. This is a bit different for you. All your writing is good, but this is exceptional, raw and revealing. This is you in overdrive, for a lack of being able to relate what I sense.

    His peace surpasses human comprehension. His peace does look crazy to the world, but they can’t grasp it, and they can’t overcome it. Nothing overcomes the will and peace of God… It’s His world… and His peace is will reign, first in our hearts and then from the throne…
    floyd recently posted..COFFEE IN CHURCHMy Profile

    • I appreciate that Floyd! I admit, this one spilled out more easily than some, and I didn’t do a lot of extra editing. Glad the passion came through. Love what you said too--the world can’t grasp it and they can’t overcome it. Great thoughts--thanks again.

  6. Great post. Everything about God is contrary to human logic. It amazes me that people try to seek God without faith- it simply can’t happen- our human minds cannot begin to grasp the love and concepts of God.

    I have felt this peace in the midst of mind blowing storms. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and died 30 days later- prior to that he was healthy! we had very little warning, no time to prepare. But held us tight and at his funeral we were able to laugh through the tears and celebrate his entry into heaven!

    The world didn’t give me this joy/peace/love and the world can’t take it away!
    TC Avey recently posted..The Smell of IndifferenceMy Profile

    • Wow, what a powerful story of God’s peace and joy. Thank you, TC.

  7. Jason, it’s so sad to see people looking for peace in all the wrong places, and when we talk about God’s peace, they think we are crazy. It’s really sad.
    About myself, I used to work in a very stressful job, and no matter how much pressure I was under, I would find a way to escape for a few minutes and pray. Feeling God’s presence always brought me an amazing peace, and then I could handle whatever situation.
    Cris Ferreira recently posted..Mad, bad or God?My Profile

    • What a wonderful illustration of what he provides for us, Cris. That peace is accessible if we open ourselves to Him! Thanks you.

  8. “Peace is vigorously producing and accomplishing Kingdom purposes.”

    I love that! That is a great definition of true peace.
    Kevin Martineau recently posted..Tomorrow is a dangerous wordMy Profile

    • Thank you, Kevin!

  9. Today in other lands Christians are still being killed for the Gospel sake. This is utter madness and yet the church in particular still has peace in their hearts.
    Excellent SAY

    • So incredible, isn’t it? We have opportunity to live in so much more than we do sometimes. Thank you, Hazel.

  10. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    I remember having so much trouble in my worldly ways. No matter how many times I tried to find riches, it either never lasted, nor brought me true peace. Only after I gave it al up did I understand that peace doesn’t require riches. Great post Jason!

    • Amen. Thank you so much, Ed.

  11. My teenaged niece has been in the hospital since August, diagnosed with leukemia and struggling mightily with the treatment. Yet in the midst of immense suffering and heartache we have felt His perfect peace. It defies description, this crazy mad love He pours out on us. Thanks for this post today.
    Joyce recently posted..Complete and Utter MadnessMy Profile

    • Hate the circumstances but love how God meets us in the midst of such heartache. Praying for your niece right now, Joyce. Blessings to you and your family in Jesus’ name.

  12. In our present days we live in a culture that wants “peace”… it began, very openly, with the Hippies who are now grandparents and[a few of them] great-grandparents. “Peace” was the option so that dealing with serious issues could be placed in a bland fashion… and “of course” EVERYONE should be happy and accepted, no matter what their views, as long as it wasn’t going to make people step and stand on a solid line.

    Believe me, being the Hippie age, I certainly know it ain’t PEACE. It’s a bland and blah way of walking through life. This is one reason I don’t fit in very well with those in my age-range who don’t understand what the Lord meant when He used that special word. Don’t know if this makes sense… I’m very tired… but I have been frustrated over much of what you were describing.

    Only HE can pour peace into our lives and hearts, no matter what is taking place… death, poverty, persecution… only HE counts, and that’s what my heart counts…
    Joanne Norton recently posted..NOAH — MADNESS AND SADNESS — AND HOPEMy Profile

    • You do make sense, and I thought about the hippie movement in writing this but since I have only a cursory knowledge, I figured it best not to delve in. You’re so right. Only He can give us that peace that passes understanding and changes us so deeply. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Joanne.


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