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The Momentum of Believing

We call Abraham “father” not because he got God’s attention by living like a saint, but because God made something out of Abraham when he was a nobody. Isn’t that what we’ve always read in Scripture, God saying to Abraham, “I set you up as father of many peoples”? Abraham was first named “father” and then became a father because he dared to trust God to do what only God could do: raise the dead to life, with a word make something out of nothing.

When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis of what he saw he couldn’t do but on what God said he would do. And so he was made father of a multitude of peoples. God himself said to him, “You’re going to have a big family, Abraham!” (Romans 4:17-18 MSG).

Incredible that this promise, believed all those centuries ago, keeps bearing fruit today. From humble beginnings with no hope in sight, this man of faith was as good as dead with an infertile wife. He trusted God and got to see many nations brought out of his seed.

Wait a minute, you’re thinking, he didn’t get to see many nations. He just got to see Ishmael and Isaac. Physically, he didn’t see them in his lifetime, but Hebrews 11:39 says Abraham and the others who lived by faith were commended even though they did not receive in full what was promised.

Most definitely, the promise was bigger than Abraham. It keeps rolling along through wars, diseases, historical periods, deaths, famines, victories and defeats, increases and lacks… It cannot be completed or perfected apart from us (Heb. 11:40).

Crazy, right? The promise believed all those ages ago is still gaining momentum today.

The promises and dreams God has given you are not solely about you. They will not end in you. Your act of believing followed by steps of obedience will start a ball rolling that simply cannot be stopped and life upon life will be affected by it until it’s complete and perfectly fulfilled.

The promises we receive are part of this GIANT promise to Abraham. All the streams of blessing, individuals believing God, eventually roll together into this mighty river as it thunders into an ocean of God’s glory and love.

I remember years ago in Juneau, we had lost a house that was absolutely beautiful. We loved it so much and were so sad we didn’t get it. After that I was praying and God spoke to my heart, “I’m going to take care of you and the church.” As a pastor and a father, that was comforting, and I truly believed it.

It took a while, but we did close on another house with an acre of land (huge for Juneau) that had a 1400 sq. ft. open garage that we were able to convert for the church (and shared many great memories there). I’d love to say I recognized this as part of God’s promise immediately, but it was after our offer was accepted that God reminded me what He had spoken.

The promise is only gaining momentum.

I just want to encourage you today that holding onto a promise may seem impossible or even silly. Regardless, it’s bigger than you. It very well may affect people you never get to meet or impact personally. You cannot judge how God will use something, and your promise fulfilled is only the beginning.

It keeps rolling on (think rivers, not deodorant). Don’t think you’re insignificant or what God has promised you is less than anything else He does. It all moves and flows together to bring the full picture into focus and drives us to our knees in awe.

You are not alone–the promise of God is moving us forward as grace enables us to live out His purpose and destiny.

Can you feel this sense of motion? Will you believe and act on that impossible promise?


  1. God is doing something big right now. We all should be believing that. But it is hard. I’m the kind of person who plans for everything. So saying, “God, I will get rid of my plan and follow yours,” is a very hard thing to do. But as I read my Bible in the mornings and pray throughout the days, it becomes easier to trust Him. Thank you Jason! Continue to follow God’s plan!!

    • I will say it doesn’t necessarily get easier with that! We want to follow our own plans, but when we do follow His and see Him come through in amazing ways, we at least have the reminder of that the next time He asks us to trust. It’s certainly a process! Thanks Jaylynn. 🙂

  2. Firmly believe that God has a plan for all of us, and He will see us through to the end. We do need to keep our eyes and ears open to see and hear how He is moving us forward in this life, and showering us with blessings!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Jason!

    • I think that’s so key--our sensitivity to Him throughout our days and our lives. Thanks so much, Martha. Continuing to pray great healing and blessings on your household.

  3. Encouraging message Jason. Looking back at what God has done with our lives is nothing more then a miracle. People when hearing our story always say, wow you guys have lived a full life. We try to remember to say, it’s been a God life for sure because in our life we would not have done all the things we have done. Now at 70 I appreciate Abraham story now more then ever. I certainly don’t think I will bear a child but He has given me a group of ladies to mentor, teach and every Tuesday night I sit amazed that they keep coming. It must be God’s work. good post brother.

    • Never say never on that child, Betty. Ha! 🙂 I love your wisdom on this. Thanks for your love and willingness to give to those He’s put in your path. Appreciate it, Betty.

  4. Yes. I think of this promise often and how our sovereign Father keeps his perfect Word for eternity. You can’t look at the history of this world and not see His hand.

    • Totally agree. Just makes the most sense that He’s been involved though others might deny it. He always confirms His word. Thank you, Floyd.

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