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The Promise Doesn’t Lie


Years ago, while I was on vacation, I had a dream I was reading Romans 4.  I was eagerly taking it all in, and in the dream, I stopped and wrote in the margin of the Bible, “The Promise Doesn’t Lie.”  I woke up soon after feeling surrounded by God’s presence.

I read Romans 4 the next day, but honestly didn’t get much out of it.  After I got back home though, I was praying and I felt Holy Spirit was saying, “Read Romans 4 in the Message” (the version of the Bible done by Eugene Peterson).

When I did, it suddenly all made sense, coming together in rich detail.  Things that God had showed me later–after the dream–made all this flow and mesh.

That famous promise God gave Abraham—that he and his children would possess the earth—was not given because of something Abraham did or would do. It was based on God’s decision to put everything together for him, which Abraham then entered when he believed. If those who get what God gives them only get it by doing everything they are told to do and filling out all the right forms properly signed, that eliminates personal trust completely and turns the promise into an ironclad contract! That’s not a holy promise; that’s a business deal. A contract drawn up by a hard-nosed lawyer and with plenty of fine print only makes sure that you will never be able to collect. But if there is no contract in the first place, simply a promise—and God’s promise at that—you can’t break it.  –Romans 4:13-15

This is not only pertaining to your salvation but your very purpose and destiny.  God called Abraham a father before he was a father.  Abraham believed God’s promise and saw the fulfillment (at least in part).

You may be looking at what is your divine purpose, God’s plan for you, and saying, “that doesn’t make any sense. There’s no way.”  But the promise doesn’t lie.  Why? Because His word is not merely the expression of a thought, it’s an extension of Him.

You know what does lie? Our circumstances, emotions, current lack, limitations.. They lie to us.

Abraham faced up to each one of these that told him, “it’s always been this way. Nothing will change now. How can any of this be true?”

If you allow it, they will press and demand ever more loudly, “HOW?” And like Abraham, our gritty, tenacious, and faith-filled answer can be, “GOD!”

Abraham and I have a promise, and it doesn’t lie.  You have a promise that doesn’t lie. I have a Father and He’s good. His love endures forever.  I want to walk in obedience not because it’s a business contract that will get me some perks if I hold up my end of the bargain.  I want to obey because I believe that truly knowing Him will mean doing the impossible.

Today is a day of freedom for those who choose to trust. I’ll take the promise!

Are you listening to the promise today? Or is something else directing your steps?


  1. Excellent and inspiring reminder of the amazing grace of our Father. What a great dream! Shows where your heart is.

    • I appreciate that, Floyd. 🙂 I’m constantly amazed how gracious He is toward us. His love is boundless! Thank you.

  2. It is so hard trying to figure what Gods plan is. But if you trust in Him it will all work out. That doesn’t mean it will be easy but it will be better than anything we could’ve thought of. His love is perfectly described in Bethels new song “Extravagant”. Thanks Jason! God bless you in all you do!

    • Oh man, when I try to figure out God’s plan, I ultimately end up anxious, sometimes fearful, and disturbed. When I trust Him and allow Him to unfold it, there’s peace, joy, and confidence. Like you said, not always easy, but trusting Him is the only way! Thanks Jaylynn. 🙂

  3. Such an amazing dream, Jason! And I love how God guided you to read in The Message so that your dream took shape and made sense. What an incredible Father we have!
    May we all trust in God’s promises, for they are ever true.

    • Thank you, Martha! I’ve had many meaningful things like that, and it just confirms that He’s there and making Himself known. He is a good Father! Thanks again, Martha. 🙂

  4. Inspiring post. I don’t often read that translation of the Bible, but I do enjoy it. Lately I’ve been using NLT and am enjoying the new insights I am gleaning from it.
    I’m so thankful we don’t have a business contract with God, but a promise that is iron clad
    We can trust God. He is good.

    I pray you and your family are having a great summer. I know mine is crazy busy and wonderful.

    • Yeah, “crazy” is a good word for it! People going in all different directions and family visiting. It’s been fun though. 🙂 And I’m with you on switching up the translations too. We can get so familiar with one particular version that we honestly fail to READ it and it becomes just an exercise. I don’t read the Message often either, but I’ve been reading some more lately. Thanks TC!

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