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The Reward of Trust

Being in the middle of an international adoption has brought a lot of revelation to the surface as the Holy Spirit speaks in these situations. Today is the last in this current series. Over these past weeks, I have written specifically on these facets of orphan thinking and I want to continue to encourage all of us to reach deeper for the mind of Christ and the true offer of sonship.

At the heart of adoption is fundamental and abiding trust.

Parents have to trust that personalities will mesh; that perhaps siblings will get along and form bonds; that transitions will be made to form a cohesive family. Adoptive children have to trust that their new parents are not going to hurt or mistreat them; that they will love and care for them to the best of their abilities; and that they can slide into a new culture, new opportunities, and new way of thinking as a son being part of a family.

Of course, this is not so clear at the outset, but it all comes into play in some form.

Our son may never fully understand what has happened, but I marvel at God’s grace. We found out more of the culture of orphans while we were in Japan. Family members have an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude about these kids. Most rarely get visits (our son had never had a family member come) and sometimes because of the shame involved, biological family will block an adoption attempt even though they will have little to nothing to do with the child.

As it was related to us, the collective name these kids have translates to something like “trash babies.”  It’s not that they don’t have pleasant places to live with nice caretakers, but with the culture revolving around family and your bloodline, they are sent out on their own at 18 years old with not a lot of options.

To get into college, they want to look into your family registry. Japan is very education-centric. We were told that without a college education, they can’t even work in places like convenience stores because everything requires some sort of degree.  With those intimidating limitations, many turn to the mafia and gangs. In fact, these kids are singled out and sought because they have no family, no support, and no hope.

I can’t say that’s where Mizuki would have ended up, but the thought of this vibrant, amazing child relegated to that destiny makes me sick and I would have come up with another $25,000 to save him from it.

For me this puts a whole new emphasis on Jeremiah 29:11,

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. (Amplified)

Our Father saw our future of death in sin and depravity and it moved Him to action–action that would change the course of history and every spiritual destiny of those who would call on the name of His Son. Besides eternity, He saw the oppression of people who lived under the dominion of sin and the schemes of hell and He wanted to create a new breed to bring restoration to all His creation.

My son may have been afraid to step into a new place and new position, but because of His trust, he is now no longer subject to the drawbacks of his native culture. Please understand that I’m not advocating a negative view of Japanese culture and we are not raising our son with American culture as the ideal. We would much rather see Kingdom culture formed in him.

We too have to trust and let go of all we know to take hold of all He has planned for us. His thoughts and plans for us are to give us hope. He is the King and He is training us to reign as sons.

With every tradeoff and potential for fear, there is a new opportunity awaiting us that we can’t even fathom. Being born again is not just a nice illustration of accepting Christ as Lord. It’s a living reality. Being adopted as sons is the same. To understand the depths of the Father’s heart and love for us, we need to grasp these things.

What do you think? What about this idea of God’s adoption of us speaks to you most?


  1. Jason these posts continue to speak to me.

    Trust is a decision we make, but it is also something earned and learned.

    There is no one more trust worthy than God. I choose to trust Him. He has earned my trust. I am learning to trust Him more each day.

    He adopted me. I was a trash baby destined for destruction. He took my shame…and gave me a new name. He calls me son.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..The Development of True FaithMy Profile

    • It’s so incredible to me, Dusty. We didn’t even know we had no hope or future, but He came and made a way. I’m not the same anymore. I’m His. What an encouragement that is! Thank you so much.

  2. Wow! This is very enlightening! My spouse and I hope one day to adopt and reading this sparks that passion even more! However, without the divine financial help from God that will remain only a dream. But I rest in Him, I know He will take care of those children and lead me where He wants.

    Thank you.
    TC Avey recently posted..Is Big Brother Up to Something?My Profile

    • TC, we had no hope on the financial side either. Honestly, we didn’t know if we would be approved, but God worked miracles after miracle as we stepped out in trust. We can’t take any credit! Every step was guided and provided for by Him. Don’t give up that dream of adoption. There is desperate need and the Father can certainly make a way. Thanks so much.

  3. I never told you, but I was marveled by the leap of faith that you and Andrea and the kids took in going to Japan. I know that you did your homework before going, but I also know that you really had no idea what you were truly going to encounter when you arrived.

    I think this illustration, like all the others, is dead on. We trust that our Father has the very best for us, but we also have to trust in the new brothers and sisters that He places around us.

    We have to be willing to drop the focus of our previous, flawed identity and trust and live in the new identity we received when we received Him.

    • I forgot to pick up the theme of siblings on the spiritual side so I’m glad you mentioned it, Philip. I’m seeing more and more that the adoption is set--it’s there. That’s not the question. It’s whether we come into that new way of thinking and being--that’s the real question we have to answer and His word makes it plain how to live out that glorious existence! Thank you, Philip. Wonderful thoughts.

  4. I didn’t know those things about the culture. I believe God used you in a similar manner that He chose you, me, and all of us that have the understanding of God in us… God bless you for that heart He created for you.
    floyd recently posted..THRONE OF LIESMy Profile

    • Following His leading and voice will certainly take us to incredible places. Thanks so much, Floyd.


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