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Time to Lean in

Yesterday, I “happened” upon a note I had written regarding a dream God had put in my heart through a profound experience with Him. In this note, I had jotted down some ideas for further exploration.

“That’s cool,” I thought. Out of curiosity, I looked at the date I created it and my heart sank: October 2014. Coming up on four years ago. Whoa.

Later in the day I was able to go for a run–something I haven’t been able to do for just over a month due to travel then illness then more travel. I made it, but it may as well have been over a year. We’ll just say it was a much slower pace, but the weather was gorgeous.

On the way back from making my loop, something inside said simply, “lean in.” When I did, I immediately noticed I began to move faster. When I pulled my head back up, I would slow down. I tried it several times–same result.

It didn’t take long for God to connect this with the dream He had help me rediscover earlier.

With head up, I can see and take in all my surroundings. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be one distraction after another. I had done this with God’s dream. Call it “analysis paralysis” or whatever you like, but three and a half years ago, I couldn’t get past all the “how’s” and insecurities.

By leaning in, however, you’re forced to look at the step immediately in front of you and you naturally speed up.

There is a time for concentrating on the big picture and evaluation and taking it all in; but if it’s ever going to be more than a dream, you have to lean in and do something.

I even thought about it in terms of embracing another person. Someone ready for a hug will lean in. If you lean away, your body language says you’re not comfortable.

In You our fathers trusted [leaned on, relied on, and were confident];
They trusted and You rescued them.
They cried out to You and were delivered;
They trusted in You and were not disappointed or ashamed. –Psalm 22:4-5 (AMP)

I’m sharing this because I’m tired of this dream being present with me but on the shelf. I also hope if you have any dreams you’ve set aside that you’ll lean into Him today.

Find your trust. Be confident in Him. Take that step whatever it is He shows you.

What do you think? Do you feel encouraged? Are there any dreams you may have placed on the shelf?


  1. Lean in . . . Yes! When we lean into God, trusting He will show the way, no dream will go unrealized.
    Blessings, Jason!

    • Amen to that. Thank you, Martha!

  2. I have so many unfulfilled dreams I could probably write a book about them. But I guess God wanted me humbled first. )

    • Humility is important for sure, Ed. I’ve found that a lot of my dreams that I thought were so big were really just part of the bigger dream God revealed. Blows me away actually. He’s a good father! Thanks Ed.

  3. I love this post in so many ways. I am not one to dream but I get premonitions or a gut feeling when I am going to be ask to do something. The space between the time I am ask and the actually doing if I say yes is hard because I tend to not “lean in”. I tend to look inward and outward and it defeats me. So here I am again, been ask to sing at a pastor retirement, I said yes and reading your post is exactly what I needed to read. Beyond a doubt I know I am suppose to do this task so thanks brother, I will be leaning in.

    • So glad you were encouraged, Betty! It’s a struggle many times, but I’m so thankful for His faithfulness and love. Incredible! Thanks so much.

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