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Verse by Verse (#13)

Another in a series of monthly posts where I go through Proverbs a verse or two at a time and share the whispers of the Holy Spirit to my heart (click here for more verse by verse posts).

Do not be wise in your own eyes;

Fear the Lord and turn away from evil.

It will be healing to your body

And refreshment to your bones.  –Proverbs 3:7-8

Following God has health benefits. Obviously, we know certain addictions (drugs, alcohol, smoking, food) can have a negative effect on our bodies, but every sin has the capacity to wreak havoc in body, soul, and spirit.

We tend to compartmentalize these things and think that this affects our spirit and that affects our body and so on, but God makes no distinction. When He redeems us, it’s our whole selves because He offers a powerful and whole gospel. Arrogance and being wise in our own eyes turns us away from knowing, fearing, and reverencing our God. It puts us in position that we may not be able to discern the evil that’s right in front of us so that we turn headlong into its clutches.

You younger men, likewise,be subject to your elders; and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble. –1 Peter 5:5

It takes humility to listen to others, but in listening, we have access to grace that preserves, protects, and even heals. I have experienced this in my own life as I carried things improperly or handled stress badly. It took a toll on my emotions, physical body, relationships, and more. God, in His grace, points things out through that still, small voice or others or in reading His word. It is then we get the opportunity to repent and turn away from the evil so we can find refreshing for every part of us. His kindness leads us to that place and it’s a miracle that He performs in those moments.

I think sometimes we relegate the Bible to metaphors and don’t realize the heart of the Father is redemption, restoration, and wholeness. Through humility, honoring Him, embracing the good–we experience a higher and divine reality. He is exceedingly good!


What do you take away from these verses? I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. “Fearing” the Lord has become something that the church now avoids. Respectful fear and reverence is the cornerstone of wisdom I think. To fear and revere the things that God is in control of denies His sovereign power, it’s like worshiping idols, putting something or someone in a place higher than God. There is nothing higher than the Most High.

    • We have rightfully come to understand Him as Abba and Daddy, but that doesn’t subjugate our need for reverence and fear of Him. It does sound confusing to those with no experience of God, but that shouldn’t stop believers from entering into the reality of it. And honestly, I don’t know that anyone can just decide to fear the Lord. There needs to be an experience of it (which can come in meditating on Him, being in His presence, etc.). Anyway, I won’t keep going! 🙂

      Thanks so much, Floyd.

      • Good point Jason. It does take some experience with our Father to begin to grasp the sovereignty that is beyond our grasp. As funky as that sounds, I think it makes sense…

        • I have felt stern rebukes (not harsh, but serious) in my spirit several times and it shook me. Those moments are far outnumbered by feeling His love, favor, and delight, but we need both. When we have a relationship with Him, we see both sides and it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks again, Floyd

  2. I love verse 7 where it says Fear The Lord but I substitute the word Fear and use the word Honor. I look at Psalm 23 When David declared That He Will Not Fear Evil, I look at it this way now I will Honor No Evil.
    andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

    • Truly understanding what honor is--that’s a powerful thing! And I like that: I will not honor evil. Thanks Andrew.

      • When see this part of Psalm 23 Yah thou I walk to through the shadow of death I fear (Honor) no evil. It describes when David had to go to the valleys to get away from Saul, David had chances to kill Saul but he still had honor and respect for Saul. So when we have the new life that Jesus gave us lets do our best to honor him and him alone.
        Andrew singh recently posted..Christmas-Winterland Photo ExtravaganzaMy Profile

        • His commitment to allow God to vindicate and prove His word in the face of all opposition is such a testimony to us today. We set our hearts on truly honoring God and we honor those around us too (even the ones who hate us and want to destroy us). Thanks Andrew.


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