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Walking towards Delight

The last couple months of 2016 were rough. It was not that one or two things felt difficult. It was as if everything felt overwhelming and taxing in a near constant way.

Honestly I don’t even know that I could have defined it that way even though that’s how it felt, but the week leading up to Christmas I had had enough. I couldn’t shake it, couldn’t snap out of it so I brought it all to God and asked Him to sort it out. It wasn’t an angry sort of thing, more of a complete collapse at His feet.

Prior to this, I had been praying Isaiah 42:9 for the new year, which starts out, “forget the former things…”, but I had read in the Voice translation.

Look here, what’s done is done and gone.
        The now is new, and there’s hope in the not-yet.
    I will tell you what’s to come, even before the events are brand-new. (VOICE)

I wanted to believe it, but something felt like it was missing. In those moments of sheer exhaustion and burden, I heard one word in my spirit that stirred a renewal of hope again–delight.

Over the years, I have never specifically asked for a “one word for the year,” but I do often find God doing it in me. It’s a powerful focusing tool and direction that He’s used often for me. With that one word, delight, I could see the missing piece and wholeheartedly agree with my heavenly Father.

Here’s what Merriam-Webster online dictionary has to say,

Definition of delight

  • a high degree of gratification :  joy; also:  extreme satisfaction

  • something that gives great pleasure <her performance was a delight>

I want to delight in my God–not seek Him out of obligation or duty, but simply find pleasure in being with Him. I want to feel His delight toward me–to know He’s not standing with a timeline saying, “We’re way behind,” but realizing His raw pleasure in me moves everything forward.

Almost as soon as I mulled over the word, I understood it wasn’t an ideal to be chased after but a choice to be made immediately. I began to pray (and have prayed similarly many times since), “Father, I choose to delight myself in You and feel your delight in me. I won’t be defined by what I am or what I’m not, what I have or what I don’t have. I will be defined by your joy in me and my joy in You.”

Is it a simple word and idea? Sure. Are there profound implications for my life, family, and all God has spoken for us? Absolutely!

Back to that word from Isaiah 42: what’s done is done. I won’t fret over it or continue to mourn because “the now is new,” and that’s what I see in this year. There’s an expansion of hope. The limited way I’ve been able to interpret His thoughts, words, promises have to be laid aside so He can bring about the greater.

It’s never been about my producing anything, but trusting and delighting in the King who always sees to His word.

How about you? Do you have a word or something God’s impressed on you for 2017? What are your thoughts on “delight”?


  1. Oh, I love the word God chose for you, Jason! Perfect!
    My word is “huge,” because I want to serve my huge God with huge devotion. I wrote about this choice in my most recent blog.

    • Just finished reading yours, Martha! Love it. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Truly appreciate it.

  2. It wasn’t an angry sort of thing, more of a complete collapse at His feet. I love the part about collapsing at His feet. This past year has been extremely difficult for me for several reasons. I don’t sleep well so I am up late or better early in the morning and that is when I do my deepest prayer and you have expressed exactly how it feel. I wrote along these same line this past post, about praising Him no matter what. Little did I know when I wrote it that I would be faced with a heart issue, the physcially kind that might require surgery. I could go on and on for the praise I have in God timing about this issue. I was schedule for knee replacement on the 4th. They could have done it in before Christmas but I opted for Jan. Again, God’s timing. I love your word, delight, it seems the purest delight comes when we are tested beyond our own endurance and we can’t figure out ourselves how to fix what ever. Then we delight just as He did as He faced the cross, then we find the deep deep love of God for us. Great post brother, great post for me to read at this time.

    • Praying for you, Betty. I’ve had several in my family deal with heart issues so I know (partly, of course) how rough it can be. Glad these words were a blessing. Healing and wholeness to you and your family in Jesus’ name!

  3. Great word! So much wisdom and maturity in your honest approach and the use of your free will, the most underrated gift from our Father, to see and choose His path for your year and life.

    I don’t have a word this year. But there’s a ton of them floating around my head and heart.

    • Just don’t let that ton of words fall on you. That could hurt. 🙂 Thanks so much, Floyd. I’m amazed how much of our lives come down to our freedom to choose and see from His perspective. He showed and shows us truth, but we have to acknowledge and apply it by His grace. No one else can do it for us. I may be slow, but I’m learning! Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jason.
    I didn’t ask God for a “word” this year, however He gave me one around Christmas time as I was praying about the New Year.
    He word He impressed upon me was “Abide”.
    Abide in Him no matter what trials may come. Abide in Him, rest in Him, Abide in His peace and walk in the Spirit, trust Him, follow Him. Stop trying to do things in my own limited power and wisdom.

    Your word brought to mind what I’ve been reading about in the book, “Back to Joy” by Toni Daniels. Learning to be enjoyed by God and enjoying those around me as well as enjoying God.
    So often I’m working on goals and checking things off my to-do list and I don’t stop to enjoy life and enjoy others as I should. I also don’t allow myself to feel enjoyed by God. He loves me, and yet I work as if I must obtain His love and approval, even though I don’t consciously do this. Does that make sense?

    God bless you. I pray your year is full of the Hope of God and Delight in Him. John 10:10

    • Oh yeah, makes perfect sense. That’s how I had felt most of the time, like I was behind or bothersome to God. Wasn’t true, but I couldn’t shake it. Like you, I understand there are legitimate things that need to get done (and that I have a hand in completing), but we can tend to sacrifice one for the other. I don’t believe that’s God’s intention. He’s not trying to burn us out and work us like dogs. Very much love the word “abide.” I would say we have very similar directions for the year, TC. Thanks so much and great blessings on the new year for you and your family as well.

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