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Warrior Poet Circle: Lonely

He had the word, had the anointing
But his jealous ways were wholly isolating
He could not rest with an upstart rising

Every rumor, the psychosis feeding
The strength to fight it was only fleeting
The rage inside was a labyrinth competing
For time and energy, to the neglect of leading

Distrust had grown to the point of spiraling
Madness grew with each plot of revenging
Everyone close had to suffer in bleeding
Loneliness claimed its victims in waiting


Warrior Poet CircleWelcome to the 6th edition of the Warrior Poet Circle (if you need a refresher on what this is, click here). Time to pull up a seat, gather around the fire, and pour out our verses.

This time our theme is Lonely. It’s an emotion that we all feel from time to time, and while we know it’s not always sunshine and roses, we aren’t meant to live our lives in its clutches. God created us for community! No need for a sermon now though. 🙂

If you have a contribution today, add it below. Can’t wait to read what you’ve written.

For next time (Monday, March 28), we’ll use the prompt, Striving. This one too could go a lot of directions so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


  1. Really liked this! Loved the rhythm and pace.
    Frank recently posted..Worship WinsMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Frank. I really appreciate it!

  2. I could picture the reactions of the subject snowballing in your poem.
    Helen recently posted..The Future- Its in the Cards or NotMy Profile

    • I could feel as I was writing it too. Glad it came through. Thanks so much, Helen.

  3. I’ve been there… this brings back memories and reminds me of my current and future blessings.

    • So sad how things will snowball if we allow it, but He is greater! Thanks Dusty.

  4. Beautiful man
    Michael recently posted..Training WheelsMy Profile

    • Really appreciate that, Michael.

  5. Loved it Jason!

    • Thanks Jason! 🙂

  6. Sounds like lots of painful lessons. Been there, done that. I felt it.

    • Thanks Mike.

  7. There’s quite a story inside those verses bro’…awesome!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Warrior Poet Time -- Lonely LessonMy Profile

    • Thanks Jay. I wondered if anyone would recognize the story (it’s written about someone in the old testament). 🙂

  8. This sounds like the story of Saul. But it could be the story of any of us. The rhyming endings of each line pull you deeper into the loneliness which, here, does border on a kind of madness. Great poem, Jason.
    Glynn recently posted..In a Land of StonesMy Profile

    • That’s exactly it, Glynn. I actually started with the idea of writing about David. The first line applies to both, but their lives were radically different an ruled by different things, of course. And thank you very much.

  9. Nice work Jason. I could sense the passion.
    Scott Couchenour recently posted..Serving Strong Now On VideoMy Profile

    • Thank you, Scott!

  10. Oh the madness where the seed of jealousy can lead.

    Powerful, Jason.

    I decided to link this week, though late.
    Sandra Heska King recently posted..Groaning for JapanMy Profile

    • Thank you, Sandra. I appreciate your participation.

  11. oh man I missed it. I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy with this new phase of life that I totally forgot to join in. We had a mission team here this week and put on 3 block parties in the community. So sorry man.

    • No need to be sorry, Jay! Hopefully we’ll get you next time. I definitely understand the busyness. Be blessed in all the great stuff you’re doing!


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