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Warrior Poet Circle

A few months ago, I had a poetic stirring as I wrote about hope. Before that, I hadn’t written any real poetry for probably ten years, but since September, I’ve written several more poems and loved it. It’s just a different way to express what’s going on inside.

I wouldn’t dare to classify any of it as brilliant, but that’s not the point to me. I want to explore this medium more and I’m hoping you’ll join me.

My friend and hero, Jay Cookingham, took to calling me a warrior poet in these poetry posts (and he should know one because he’s one too). Almost since then, I’ve thought it would be great to have other warrior poets come together and share their passion through poetic expression. No set form or meter, just open hearts–and we could call it the Warrior Poet Circle.

Some interesting thoughts and findings about warrior poets,

  • In Scripture
    • King David of course comes to mind first. A man after God’s own heart, he was as comfortable singing a psalm and writing a poem as he was slaying a giant and leading an army. He was courageous, but tenderhearted; passionate, but reverent of God. He didn’t shy away from honesty with Him, and God loved it. He made plenty of mistakes, but still every king after him was measured by this standard. David’s was a life marked and defined by love, relationship with God, honesty, loyalty, bravery, conquering fears, trusting in God, overcoming mistakes, and of course, passionate and prophetic expressions in the Psalms.
  • In History
    • The Warrior-Poet is the ancient tradition of dedication to developing the body and the mind as one. The Bushido warrior code of ancient Japan, the Shambhala teachings of Tibet, the chivalrous knights of medieval Europe and the ancient Greek warriors are all examples of this proud tradition.  The Warrior-Poet retains a mysterious and ancient aura, a member of the leadership class who guides with wisdom and courage.  They are defined by their dedication to their crafts of warfare, and intellectual study and reflection. The Warrior-Poet is also a spiritual warrior, understanding their true relationship to heaven and the earth… (WikiAnswers)

That’s what I want to be in my life–having the proper perspective between earth and heaven, living honestly before God and man with passion and courage. Obviously, it’s not just about mind and body, but fully surrendering everything to the Father.

Here’s what I’m proposing. Will you join me?

  • We’ll start on January 3, 2011 (two weeks from today) and run every two weeks after that.
  • Each time we’ll have a topic, word, scripture, or story as a prompt. The prompt for this one upcoming will be New Day.
  • I’ll have a link widget ready here so you can add your poem here.
  • This isn’t about macho anything, and it  is open to everyone. Men and women can be warrior poets (Galatians 3:28).
  • Below there’s a button and code that you can use on your post as you link back if you want.

Warrior Poet Circle

You don’t have to have ever written a poem before. This is just a safe way to unleash your creativity in a different way. I promise it’s a very rewarding experience!

So what do you think about this? Are there any other warrior poets out there (aspiring or otherwise)? Are you ready?


  1. What an exciting idea! The Lord has led me back to poetry after more than 25 years!

    I’m in!

    • Thanks Karin. You bless me profoundly with your writing so I’m so glad you’re in.

  2. This freaks me out! I would not say that I am poetic. I’ve never really understood poetry, I don’t know anything about it and to write it makes me feel itchy. That being said, I will gladly read what others write…and maybe by the end of next year I will feel courage enough to participate. :)
    Melissa Brotherton recently posted..The Best Christmas Play Ever!My Profile

    • Next year? What?! C’mon. Maybe you need to add this to your New Year’s resolutions. :)

      You don’t need to know anything about it. It’s just a stream really. I’m making it my mission to get you to try this. :) Thanks Melissa.

  3. I think this is a great idea! I haven’t had much inspiration for writing poetry in awhile but this may be the thing that prompts me to do it.
    Tony Alicea recently posted..When The Muse Is On VacationMy Profile

    • I remember reading your poetry before, Tony--great stuff. Glad you’re going to try it out. Thanks!

  4. First, I am honored to be your friend and fellow warrior poet!
    Second…I am in! Sounds like a whole lot of creative, encouraging fun! Thanks Jason, a great idea!

    • I’m excited to see what comes out. Should be inspiring! Thanks Jay and right back atcha. :)

  5. I am willing to give this a try even though I have never written any poetry in my life. :)
    Kevin Martineau recently posted..An example of obedience -- JosephMy Profile

    • Hey, what’s the worst that could happen, right? It’s always good to break out of the comfortable things. You just might enjoy it! Thanks Kevin.

  6. Sounds really cool man. Love me some poetry.
    Michael recently posted..Fear and ResistanceMy Profile

    • Yeah, I’m already getting excited about it. Thanks Michael.

  7. I am more inclined to take Melissa’s route. who know? Maybe something will come down the pike to me.

    • Bill, with all the thought-provoking posts you write, I’m sure you would write some very thought-provoking poetry as well. :) It’s probably not nearly as hard as you imagine.


  8. Sign me up!
    Glynn recently posted..Witness- The ShepherdMy Profile

    • Awesome, Glynn! Thank you. :)

  9. It has been since high school and college since i wrote poetry and that was basically so girls could know that I, a sensitive and caring guy, wrote poetry and wasn’t ashamed! It worked on a few. But I’m willing to dive back in nearly 10 years later.

    • That is just awesome, Jay. :) Love it. Glad you’ll give it a go for other reasons than girls!

  10. I’ll try! :-)
    Helen recently posted..Oh Christmas TreeMy Profile

    • Sounds great, Helen! Thanks. :)

  11. I will pray about participating. This sounds awesome! Would a Wednesday linkup be too late?
    Sandra Heska King recently posted..Slowing DownMy Profile

    • Cool, Sandra. And no, Wednesday would be fine! I like the idea of people adding them throughout the week. Thanks.

  12. All through middle school and high school I think poetry was the only form of expression I had to deal. Havent written one since then but I’m excited!

    • I’ve been amazed how much I’ve loved it over the last few months. It’s such a great release. Thanks Bethany!

  13. What a wonderful idea! I would be honored to link up with you. I look forward to the new year. Blessings!
    Melissa recently posted..Family and Feathered FriendsMy Profile

    • Excellent! Thanks Melissa. Blessings to you as well.

  14. Love the concept! Count me in on feeding the five thousand… (And thanks to Cycleguy for pointing me your way!)
    @delton70 recently posted..winterMy Profile

    • Awesome! Look forward to it. Thanks.

  15. I have been writing poetry for a few years now and have just recently started writing more then ever before. I got the idea that i am a warrior poet a few weeks ago. Started reading a book about David and studying his life in the scriptures to see how he lived as one. I would love to join your Warrior Poet Circle. My first poem of the new year even fir the new day theme.

    • Please do, Danny! Sounds great. Thanks for stopping in and being a part.

      • Forgot not to put my name on the comment. We are trying to keep the blog anonymous so that all and any praise and glory can go to God and not us. You can see me on there as D.O.A. Thank you and God bless
        DOA recently posted..I WaitMy Profile

        • Sorry, man. I left a comment on your post and called you Danny. Hopefully you can edit it to say what you want and I’ll remember next time. Thanks so much.

  16. Yes, we got it. That or you commented again. My fiancee is on top of that kind of stuff. Glad to be apart of such a great collection of writers. I have been sitting here reading everyones poems for a little bit now. Very good stuff

  17. Beautiful. Hope more people find out about your site.

    • Thanks Victoria. I appreciate that.