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What Am I Worth?

I’ve written things similar to this before, but I battle this constantly so I hope you don’t mind me reiterating it to remind myself and maybe you as well.

I had a rough time on Sunday after our service because I felt it didn’t go as well as I thought it should. Nevermind that there are hundreds of reasons that have nothing to do with me, I internalized it until at one point in the afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore. I kept thinking, “my worth is not defined on how well I preach a sermon.”

I kept telling myself until finally I let it out of my mouth as my wife walked through kitchen and I was doing the dishes.

“My worth is not defined on how well I preach a sermon,” I said sort of quietly.

“What?” my wife asked so I repeated, “My worth is not defined on how well I preach a sermon.” This time it was more confident.

“Amen,” she said, throwing some “you-know-that’s-right” attitude on top of it (another reason I love her so much).

So that’s it.

My worth is not defined by my job or how much money I make.

My worth is not defined by how my kids act in public.

My worth is not defined by how productive my day, week, month, or year is.

My worth is not defined by the number of hits, comments, whatever to my blog.

My worth is not defined by the number of people sitting in the chairs on Sunday morning.

6 When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners. 7 Now, most people would not be willing to die for an upright person, though someone might perhaps be willing to die for a person who is especially good. 8 But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. (Romans 5:6-8)

So really, I suppose, that’s it.

My worth is defined by God’s love, His desire for me, His willingness to do anything it took so I could be free to know and love Him back.

What, if anything, trips you up in this area? Do you need to exercise that editing feature in your brain? I’ll start you off: My worth is not defined by…


  1. my rugged good looks. 🙂

    But seriously…by what others think of me.
    Michael recently posted..Sometimes The Proud Get Knocked OverMy Profile

    • Ha! Yeah, I know that burden. 🙂

      As for your serious one, that’s a good one. Thanks Michael.

  2. My worth was defined by God’s love… but somehow I keep forgetting that and looking to countless other measures…

    I needed the reminder you bring today. You are not alone in this struggle.

    • Thank you, Dusty.

  3. Amen, none of the things you have listed (or my longer list) defines who we are in Christ. I am so thankful for that! Let’s believe what the Father says about us…not anything else. I am grateful for your heart bro’ and I know Father God is proud of you…you are His son afterall!

    “This is and has been the Father’s work from the beginning-to bring us into the home of His heart.” George MacDonald

    • Amen, Jay. The enemy shouts in ours ears to tell us something different, to make us doubt and our own emotions betray us. If we listen for His voice though, we’ll understand. Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. my worth is not defined by whether or not I am a tentmaker.
    herbhalstead recently posted..thechristisbornMy Profile

    • Amen. Thanks Herb.

  5. I have played everyone of those in my head. Every blasted one! Even with my girls gone I still ask that. Even though I know every sermon will not be a “hit” I ask that. Even though I know I will never be wealthy (money-wise) I still ask that. Even though I have no control over how many read my blog I still ask that. And even though I send out notes to let people know they are missed (but have no control over who is/is not there) I ask that. Sort of hard to get some things through a very thick skull. But I am learning God’s grace calls me worthy. Good thoughts today jason.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..News of a BabyMy Profile

    • Thanks Bill. Glad to know my skull is not the only inordinately thick one. 🙂

  6. My worth is not defined by how clean my house is, or how well I’ve decorated, or even by whether or not there are cookies baking in the oven.
    Helen recently posted..Oh Christmas TreeMy Profile

    • Amen, Helen. Thank you.

  7. I definitely struggle with this too.

    The biggest areas I struggle in are what others think of me, when I fail at something and how many people read and comment on my blog. Ugh! Just writing that makes me struggle with my worth … but praise God that my worth is not based on these things!

    Thanks for the challenge and the reminder Jason!
    Kevin Martineau recently posted..3 creative presentations of the Christmas StoryMy Profile

    • I know what you mean. It’s like I struggle with the fact that I struggle because I think I shouldn’t struggle! Well, good thing we have grace and encouragement and accountability to spur us on. Glad you’re in my life, Kevin! Thanks.

  8. My worth is not defined by…what the enemy tells me.

    • Yes and yes. My Father gets the final word. Thanks Bud.

  9. The enemy became visible when I found God and because of what I found in God I knew I was really worthy and meant to be born even when my parents didn’t want me at first. Don’t misunderstand me, I never doubted my parents love for me. The enemy told me I wasn’t worthy, I wasn’t worth to live and because I knew God I knew this was not from Him. So I told that little annoying creature that I didn’t belong to him but I belong to Jesus and told him to leave in Jesus’ name. And he did.

    Hey for what’s it worth:
    I like your new blog… but I do like you more than your blog.
    I like what you write here… but I like you more than your writing.

    I’m thinking if I like you for just who you are without your blog and writing what must God’s love be indescribable amazing just for who you are. I’m thinking when we stand before Him our deeds, our sayings, our writings won’t be with us. It’s just us, plain and naked. It’s difficult to remind myself of this because we live in this tough world where success count.

    He lives in me and my life is in Him. That is what I am worth. So are you. He lives in you and you live in Him. That is what you are worth.

    I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

    • Amen, Ani. Thank you for the encouragement. It’s so amazing that through the blog I’ve got to meet people I may never have otherwise met (like you). Thanks for being a blessing to me. 🙂

  10. Wow! my comment is long here. Oh well, my worth is not defined by how long or short my comments are. I like your post now. thanks 🙂

    • 🙂

  11. My worth is not defined by how quickly our church grows. Or by how many families come and visit and keep right on going to the next place…

    • Amen, Kely. Thanks for that.

  12. Ani hit that one on the head…. 🙂 my worth is not defined by how many times I have been rejected, disowned or character assassinated by family and friends. My worth is not defined by worlds standards but by God’s whom I’m still learning more Bout e wry day. Thanks for the great challenge!! Ps- sermon was great Sunday but that doesn’t define you so I can say that :))
    BLoveD recently posted..WWF Spiritual Tag TeamMy Profile

    • Yes and amen. And even though I’m not defined by it, thank you for saying it. 🙂 I was just getting my brains beat out after service and then it didn’t help that I would pick up on what the devil started. Thank God He shows us what’s going on!

      Anyway, thank you Bethany.

  13. I dealt a lot with my worth since college. I had TONS of accountability and no real media outlets except for email. Now I’m married, living in a town that neither of us grew up in, not a lot of friends, plus now I have a cell, facebook and blog. I equated what I did with my worth. So I have been working through that this year, and will continue to do so in 2011. Who knew that I wouldn’t go from worthless to worthy in my own eyes in only one year???

    • 🙂 Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s such a process, but I keep reminding myself that His grace is always sufficient. Thanks for sharing, Jay.

  14. My worth is not defined by my job. My worth is not defined by how well I teach (or if I’m teaching at all). My worth is not defined by the sins of my past. My worth is not defined by what other’s think of me.

    “He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will” Eph. 1:5

    There’s my worth right there. Son of the Living God.
    Tony Alicea recently posted..I Will Not Be MovedMy Profile

    • Amen. Feels good to speak the truth! Thanks Tony.

  15. Amen and amen! I need to remind myself of this all the time! Thanks for the nudge

    • I’m only nudging myself so I’m glad you were nudged too. 🙂 Thanks April.


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