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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

I didn’t plan on this, but I’ve sort written a trilogy of posts to do with carrying what God has for you. I talked about the weight of waiting, I talked about the precious nature of what we carry, and today I’ll add another dimension to it.

The Christmas season brings lots of reflection on the wonderful grace and truth of God given to us through Jesus. What Mary had to carry was an incredible blessing, yes, but an intense pressure as culturally this put her in a tremendously difficult position.

She could have been put to death, but Joseph was called by God to carry this too. He was as handpicked as Mary–a righteous man who listened to the voice of God and obeyed.

All the while, the Word is growing in her. She ponders the miracles in her heart and praises God for His blessings. Despite the painful circumstances, the sure mocking of others, the whispers and gossip–she extolled her God and proclaimed, “The Mighty One has done great things for me.”

When it comes time for the birth, there is no indication that God gave Mary a miraculous, painless birth. There are no mention of divine pain killers either. She suffered to bring this life into the world, but she had meditated on the word, looked forward to His coming.

She was expecting not only in physical appearance alone. She was expecting to the depths of her being and spirit.

You have the same opportunity, and you have to seize it. Ponder and praise. Ponder and praise. Over and over and over.

A baby takes nine months to grow, but what you’re carrying may be shorter or longer. The way to stay in the right frame of mind is to ponder the miracles that have brought you here then praise Him for those and what He will do.

When you get to the painful labor, don’t give up. Don’t fret or worry. That’s the time to push. I’m reminded of 1 Peter 4:12-13,

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you; but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing, so that also at the revelation of His glory you may rejoice with exultation.

I, for one, have been plenty shocked when the fiery ordeals come. I wonder where God went or what I did wrong. It’s silly though. That’s why I’ve been carrying it! God wants me to share in Christ’s suffering (painful labor) so that His glory can be revealed (birth).

Don’t give up.  The time to carry comes to an end in one capacity and then we carry in another capacity. All the while, pain gives way to glory and we move from that glory to another glory.

What do you think? Can you recognize you’re expecting–in the fullest spiritual sense?



  1. I believe some of the greatest victories we have in our lives, along with some of the greatest opportunities we take, tend to come out of great trials and pain. It’s because God is birthing something in us and through us. Great post today, Jason!
    Jason Vana recently posted..Called Very GoodMy Profile

    • They can certainly force us into a different mindset and ‘decision-making’ mode. It’s all God’s grace though. So thankful for all the ways He moves us into position to see His glory. Thanks Jason.

  2. Yes, we can walk through the difficult times with God’s help. I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with Jason.

    • Thanks so much, Carol.

  3. The Word was growing in her. I want the Word to continue growing in me too. Thanks, Jason, for that thought.
    Lisa notes recently posted..He comes, and I must singMy Profile

    • A powerful thought, isn’t it? The same is happening in us, to the glory of the Father. Thank you, Lisa.

  4. These verses are my favorite in the whole Bible because they keep me grounded so I won’t get frustrated when things in life don’t go my way. As for expecting, my expecting has pushed me to get ready for what’s coming. I don’t want to “deliver” and my house is not ready and in order.
    Shywanda Patrice recently posted..God forgave you, now forgive yourselfMy Profile

    • There is so much to the pregnancy analogy, right? We need to our house in order to receive the blessing and not be overwhelmed--love it. Thanks Shywanda.

  5. “Pains give way to glory.” I like that. So true. I don’t know any Christian who can’t look back across their lives and the difficulties and see the hand of God guiding and teaching them.

    The flesh struggles against it, but then again, it’s not a battle of flesh and blood is it?
    floyd recently posted..THE STINGMy Profile

    • You got it, Floyd. Not flesh and blood and we have to remember that significant fact. If we don’t we get ourselves in trouble. Thanks so much.

  6. Pondering and praising today with you.

    Powerful thoughts on Mary (and Joseph’s role, too). God picks what we carry, and we do it for Him and with Him. Thank you for this reminder.
    Caroline recently posted..The Trouble with EntitlementMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Caroline. He’s so good to us!

  7. Jason this is great! I’m in “labor” right now. Wouldn’t have realized if I hadn’t read your life words. God just has that right timing for revealing.

    Ponder and praise…ponder and praise…ponder and praise. Yes, I can and will do this.

    To a weekend filled with it!
    Jeri Taira recently posted..Our Week In Photos ~ How We ConnectMy Profile

    • Amen, Jeri! So glad we can encourage one another. 🙂

  8. Been out of town for a couple of days Jason so i am coming to this party late. Great post! I have missed out on God’s blessings at times because i wasn’t willing to wait and rushed ahead. one time it was the very next day when an answer came but it was too late to change course. If only… Thanks for the reminder.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..HopeMy Profile

    • You’re not alone. It’s a tough one to see properly. Why we need His Spirit’s guidance at all times. We learn and grow! And even what we miss He turns to good. Incredible. Thanks Bill.


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