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What War Are You Fighting?

It’s easy to picture yourself in a battle. Life is hard, even tragic at times. The carnage seems inescapable, whether for ourselves or for others.

Because we feel those pressures, we can extrapolate from there that God is also in a war against darkness and evil. He has to keep fighting and keep pushing so that the darkness doesn’t win. If He lets up for a minute, it could all fall apart.

I admit, it may feel like this at times, but it’s completely false. God is not fighting a war or a battle. Jesus declared, “It is finished,” and He meant it. As I’ve heard said, the fight between God and the devil is like the fight between a dark room and the light switch. Once the light is switched on, the darkness is simply gone. There is no struggle!

Once you understand and remind ourselves that the battle is actually in our minds, you can stand in a position of strength and faith. The enemy would like to convince you that everything God says may or may not happen, but one person believing and trusting God can be assured his faith is not misplaced.

I heard this song from Josh Baldwin called, “The War Is Over.”

The war is over, His love has come
To call us daughters and sons
No longer orphans without a home
We have found where we belong

He has made a way for us
Born for glory out of dust
Children held within the arms of Peace
He has made a way for all
Mercy waits where sinners fall
He is our victory

He is not simply our victory when we die. He is not our Champion only in eternity. He made the way for you and don’t let circumstances, emotions, failures, or anyone or anything else convince you otherwise.

You were born for glory because Jesus made the way. He overcame, and we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11).

Take courage today and hold steady. In due time, you’ll get to see His salvation; and it could be today.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever struggle with this idea?


  1. Amen, Jason! The victory is ours through the blood of Jesus!

    • And we are so thankful! Thank you, Martha. 🙂

  2. Good one, Jason. Yes, I think we all struggle with this or forget the sovereignty of our Father. He’s there waiting patiently for this world to turn the amount of times He’s dictated for as many as will come to Him.

    It’s His love, humility, and grace that allows the world to turn.

    Excellent reminder.

    • For sure--it’s His kindness that leads us to repentance. Thanks so much, Floyd.

  3. Aweseome message! A few songs that helps me when Im struggling with trusting God are “It Was Finished” and “Champion” both by Bryan and Katie Torwalt. Thanks Jason! Continue to trust in God!

    • Yeah, those are great songs! I really, really love Bryan and Katie Torwalt though. 🙂 Thanks Jaylynn.

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