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Worship in the Now

We can probably all quote the story of Moses and the burning bush (Exodus 3).

Chances are you’ve had your own “burning bush” experiences where you met with God and it changed your course, your life, your thinking. I have had many.

Moses was directed by God to take off his sandals because where he stood was holy ground.

In Wild Goose Chase *  by Mark Batterson, this insight really stands out to me:

“The holy ground wasn’t the Promised Land. It was right where Moses was standing. Don’t wait to worship God till you get to the Promised Land; you’ve got to worship along the way. This is holy ground. This is a holy moment. Take off your sandals.”

We live in a world that honors results over relationship. If we aren’t careful, we carry that same attitude into our walk with God. God has results in mind, but the avenue is relationship just as it was with Moses and His people. Too many are guilty of withholding themselves and their worship until they “arrive” and see the promised land (whatever it is).

God is saying, “this is holy ground because I’m here meeting with you.” He values the relationship and calls us to do the same.

Still, we hesitate when we don’t understand our circumstances, our lacks, our health situations, our problems. God called Moses to step forward, but he wouldn’t allow him to come on his own terms.

He is an awesome God worthy of our reverence and worship. He is interested in our truly knowing Him, but it doesn’t start when we get our breakthrough. It begins when we humble ourselves in worship as He calls us out.

We may place our value on that big moment “out there” but the magnificent Creator of the universe invites us into fully experiencing His presence in the here and now. It’s that awareness of His presence and word that changes us in profound ways.

As he responded in worship, this moment of invitation set a hunger in Moses that continued all his life. He was in a different position than everyone else around him. Scary to think how we can settle for less than what God has for us and still think we’re doing all right. As the psalmist declared in Psalm 103:7,

Do we want to know just His acts or His ways? Worship, embracing the here and now, responding to His presence–takes us on a journey where we are no longer content to be around testimonies but we live His testimonies and experience His glory. Our Father reveals His heart and mind in that deep relationship.

All that from a willingness to worship when all you’ve got is a promise. Sign me up.

Are you ever tempted to withhold worship until the “end”? How do you keep that aspect front-and-center in your life or do you?



  1. Definitely can name moments that I cried for results immediately instead of valuing an ongoing relationship with the One that brings the results. I’ve tried to tred more carefully in that arena as I further my walk. Their are certainly moments that I still forget that above all He is holy and He is worthy of all, but grace abounds and I quickly take off my shoes and ascribe to Him that which is His. The funny thing we forget is that ultimately, we want the same thing that He wants. We want that relationship that never ends, that love that never fails, that time spent with full attention. We unfortunately still let life dictate too much to us. Good thoughts today!
    Philip recently posted..Careful Little EyesMy Profile

    • Totally agree. We get sucked into thinking we just “need” something done, finished, accomplished, or even just over. This may sound funny but I think this is the feminine side of God on display (He did make them male and female in His image)--there is high emphasis on relationship. If I forget that with my wife, I’m in trouble! 🙂 Anyway, I keep rambling! Great thoughts, Philip. Thank you.

  2. Great point Jason. We tend to hold off the praises until we get what we want… as if we remotely know what’s best for us. It’s the praising in the down times or times when all we have is our faith, hope, and patience. It is in those times I think God shows himself even more, but we have to be in a place where we understand… we need to take off our sandals.

    • It’s a sign of submission, humility, and honor. It may look different in our culture, but the idea is still the same. We rightfully exalt Him and in due time, He lifts us up! What a gracious and loving Father! Thanks Floyd.

  3. My hope is to always be full of worship. This breath I take… that step… may each one honor Him. May each one be His.

    …that said…

    Sometimes, I do withhold worship. God forgive me. God correct me. God lead me.
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..The Promise Always KeptMy Profile

    • I completely understand. I am the same way. It’s usually not a conscious decision to withhold--I just get busy or distracted or anxious or whatever else. But there He is lighting another bush on fire so I’ll turn aside and He can draw back to the place of worship. Thanks Dusty.

  4. If the world honors results over relationship, it’s pretty clear that we should honor relationship over results. And of course, it is our relationship with Christ that determines our results in the future.

    Just my opinion, of course.

    • I share that opinion, Mike. It seems to be clearly established in scripture. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Let my heart be one of worship…every moment, every action, every part of my journey with Him.

    Thanks Jason!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted..Bad Sheep – Hero Worship 1My Profile

    • Amen. That’s my prayer too! Thank you, Jay.


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