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Your Junk is the Worst

I don’t know if you’re anything like me (and I’m first to admit that can be a good and bad thing), but I’m not an overly judgmental person.

I’m not perfect by any means and don’t mean to imply that, but I don’t believe there is any sin or problem or struggle too big for God’s grace. But when I’m really honest, I believe that for other people, but often not for myself.

It’s as if, I could hear someone pour out their heart about their deepest struggle and I feel a great sense of compassion. I’ve experienced such things many times. Then when it comes to my own junk, I can sometimes begin to believe that it’s so bad no one could ever accept me if they knew.

When it comes down to it, I can be judgmental towards me.

I taught on Sunday evening about sonship and our adoption as sons of God (that term includes both male and female by the way -Galatians 3:23-29). And I believe one of the marks of a true son is that a son does not feel the need to hide.

hiding1Sometimes when you make a mess, the tendency is to cover it up and make it all look pretty. Happens with my kids all the time. It’s all good until I find the problem later and it’s worse than if they had just come to me in the first place.  I tell my kids, “you may get in a little trouble, but it’ll be so much better if we clean it up together.”

And that’s what God wants for each of you. You don’t have to keep believing that your junk is the worst and cover it all up. God gives you family to share with and grow with. He comes alongside you and helps you clean up the mess.

You have three options.

  1. Hide your struggle and pretend it’s not there until you die.
  2. Give in to your struggle and let it drag you into darkness.
  3. Get up the nerve to drag your struggle into the light and deal with it.

Believe me, I know it’s not easy to put yourself out there–with others or even with God. It’s scary and the battle can be intense. It’s often compounded because we have had people reject us in the past when we opened up.

Don’t give up! There are people who will care and listen. They will love you no matter what you’re facing. You may think your junk is the worst, but there are others thinking the same thing. It’s time to open up and let Him bring the healing He desires.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever tend toward hiding or judging yourself? Why or why not?


  1. I am my own worst enemy. I rarely have positive self-talk.

    You asked why I tend to be this way. There are many reasons -- nurture/nature -- but if I’m totally truthful, it’s probably because I’m a perfectionist. I am hard on myself, and don’t accept my faults and mistakes easily. And in the end, it’s a matter of mistakenly defining myself through my eyes (or the eyes of others), rather than listening to God.

    I am continually amazed at how He loves and accepts me…

    Sharon recently posted..IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?My Profile

    • You’re so right, Sharon. I feel like everyone else deserves grace, but somehow I should know better. It’s such a mess! I identify completely with what you’re saying. Thanks for your honesty. Blessings to you too!

  2. Good post, Jason. Dragging our junk into the Light has a way of helping them disintegrate. I think we all tend to play our cards close to our chest, at least until we get to know others well enough to trust them to help us carry our trash out.

    • And part of that is wise, I think. We can get hurt by trotting out stuff that people aren’t ready or willing to help us through, but it doesn’t give us the right to hide forever. We need each other in the Body, and not just in a theoretical way, but a very practical one. We are meant to bear with one another’s burdens and speak wisdom and grace and life. The longer we hide, the harder it is to bring it into the light. Grace has to prevail! Thanks so much, Floyd.

  3. I think we all tend to deal more harshly with ourselves than with others. This is such a wonderful reminder that we don’t have to hide any bit of our junk from God (as if, we could). He sees it all, knows it all, and wants us to share with Him so that He can begin to heal us.
    Great post, Jason! Blessings!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Love Them, No Matter WhatMy Profile

    • That’s it exactly, Martha! And I think if we could just see that--that we’re not helping God or ourselves by hiding, but actually hindering and hurting ourselves--we could begin to allow His healing to touch us and bring restoration. Thank you, Martha.

  4. Excellent post Jason. Some great comments as well. I am in this group for sure, thinking somehow I am the worst of the worst. The devil tries to make us believe we are too broken to be restored by Gods incredible unending grace and unfailing love. I’ve been told before that when we think like that we are being prideful in thinking that God’s not strong enough or not gracious enough, or that the work on the cross wasn’t enough. Then sometimes I fall into the trap of feeling too broken to be fixed and too prideful to deserve help. That leads to an even worse feeling and opens the horrible door of self-pity.
    Thankful that nothing we can do is too dark or broken that God, the Light of the world with unfailing love can’t fix! What an awesome God we serve who doesn’t give up on us but helps us in our greatest weakness and biggest messes and loves us no matter what.

    • It’s such a vicious cycle, isn’t it? And yes, SO thankful for a great Abba Dad and glorious Lord who is watching over His word to complete it. Thanks Carrie.

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